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Ari has extensive experience teaching courses and leading workshops on writing, poetry and storytelling. He is committed to creating powerful educational experiences, responsive to the needs of each group he works with.
His proudest teaching experiences include:
  • Teaching weekly writing and poetry workshops with different older adult communities in New York City (through organizations including Dorot, the New York Public Library, and seniors' residences such as Atria West 86th and Brookdale Battery Park) 
  • Co-designing and teaching a creative arts curriculum to 120 students in rural Nepal
  • Teaching weekend-long poetry courses to young adults in Morocco
  • Teaching a course on audio storytelling and social justice to students in New York City
He leads story-sharing workshops, in which he creates spaces for people to share their stories and life experiences with each other, so that they can reflect on their identities, learn from the wisdom of others, and develop community.
Though he most frequently leads his workshops at seniors' residences, universities and  high-schools, he has also led sessions for groups as varied as a non-profit that serves the blind, a startup that designs learning experiences, and a community youth court. 
He strongly believes that all types of organizations can benefit from story-sharing sessions, and strives to work with as diverse a range of partners as possible, with the hopes to one day lead workshops that bring together communities who normally would not intersect.   
For more information on the workshops on offer, send an email inquiry here.
Through his work, Ari has also developed a curriculum of writing prompts, ideal for any writing group or individual looking for a structure through which to improve his or her writing. The curriculum is available for purchase for anyone interested. 

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