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About Ari

Ari Satok is an author, speaker and educator, who believes in the power of stories to make the world a better place. 

Ari grew up in Toronto, Canada. He is a magna cum-laude graduate of Princeton University. Following his graduation, he received a grant to embark on a year-long storytelling project, through which he traveled to international high schools all around the world, interviewing young people from dozens of countries on a mission to capture their powerful stories.

He received a follow up grant to turn his project into a book. The book, titled The Architects of Hope, captures, through poems written by Ari, the stories of sixteen of these young people, all related to the theme of hope.

Since publishing his first book, he has published two more books. His second book,The Beautiful Chaos of Growing Up, is a heartwarming collection of poetry about the journey through college and into young adulthood. And Love Too Can Spread, is a powerful collection of both serious and funny poems reflecting on the Covid pandemic. 

Ari has given talks and led workshops related to his books all around the world. He has presented to audiences domestically and abroad, including seniors' residences, college groups (at schools such as Harvard, Princeton, Yale and Brown), high school and middle school groups, and non-profit groups. His talks celebrate the beauty of diversity and the power of young people to impact their own communities. He has been an invited guest speaker in countries as varied as Nepal, Japan, the United Arab Emirates, Morocco and France. 

These days, one of Ari's primary occupations is teaching storysharing, writing and poetry workshops with many New York City-based communities. These communities include the Brooklyn Public Library, the Queens Public Library, Dorot, seniors' residences including Brookdale Battery Park and Atria West 86th, and non profit organizations including the Creative Center, that brings arts programming to people living with cancer, chronic illness and their caregivers. 

Ari prides himself on being endlessly curious and is always excited to find others who share his passion for storytelling and writing! 

To learn more about Ari's work, check out this feature in the Forward about him.


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