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“Ari's facilitation skills and workshop offerings are fantastic. His sensitivity and kindness create a supportive atmosphere, empowering our older adults to share their creativity and perspectives on poetry and writing. We are so grateful for the work he has done with our constituents, and look forward to working with him for many years to come!

Sarie Monieson, Dorot 


"Your presentation was highly inspiring in so many different ways.”

Keshar Khulal, Principal, Buddanilkantha School

"To an auditorium of students, Ari Satok delivered a highly engaging and inspiring presentation on his life as a traveling writer, storyteller and educator. He is an exceptional speaker, presenting naturally and seemingly effortlessly"

Selena Malla, Educational Adviser, United States Educational Foundation Kathmandu

It was an honor for the Davis IC to host your book reading last Friday. It was clearly well-received by the students and wonderful to see the interesting discussion it generated.

Jackie Leighton, Director of the Davis International Center at Princeton University

It was great to have Ari visit to share more about his book. Listening to some of the stories capturing the young voices of students around the world was inspiring, and Ari was engaging and informative in sharing his experience writing this powerful book.

Ana Del Toro Mijares, Harvard Graduate School of Education

Ari's presentation opened up for my students a world of stories that enabled them to feel connected to other young people across the globe"

Josh Micley, Teacher, The High School for Global Citizenship 

When I spoke to a couple of the kids after you left they said that they were blown away by your presentation.I thought you were wonderful and perfect for them.

Ricky Goldenberg, Principal, Marc Garneau Collegiate Institute 


Ari was so engaging when he came to present to my book group. The students loved him, his story, and his thoughts on the writing process. He really inspired them to go out there and tell their own stories. It was such an empowering educational experience for us! 

Alexa Bryn, English Teacher, Beacon School

"We so enjoyed meeting you! You had a wonderful way of being with the kids. Thanks for inspiring them with your work!"

Danielle Passno, The Spence School, Director of Outreach and Public Purpose

"You coming to speak to the kids was an incredible experience. You inspired them to want to take risks and explore cultures outside of their own."

Salam Mustafa, Harlem Youth Court

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