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"Books are a uniquely portable magic" - Stephen King

The Architects of Hope

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Drawn from a year of interviews with students from all around the world , The Architects of Hope tells sixteen of these students’ magnificent stories through poetry. From the story of Kainat, a young woman from Pakistan shot by the Taliban in their quest to suppress girls’ education, to the story of Aiham, a young man from Syria forced to flee his homeland as civil war engulfed it, to the story of Sibia, a young woman from Guatemala all too aware of her country’s glaring educational inequalities, this poetry collection speaks to the hardship and adversity faced by young people all around the world. But it reminds us, in poem after poem, of the remarkable hope for a better tomorrow shared by these same young people: a hope that speaks in all languages and cultures. 
What the Reviews Say:
"An amazing read that has found a permanent place on my coffee table. These inspirational poems provide rays of hope in times of darkness, and are great to go back to when in need of some inspiration."
"This book is a gem among today's published works. It is a joy to read as well as an empowering experience for anyone who wants to feel more globally aware or who simply appreciates powerful storytelling."
"This book does an incredible job of highlighting what is universal among young people: a belief that the world as we know it can be changed for the better. This book changed me for the better and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a chance to reimagine the world we live in."

The Beautiful Chaos of Growing Up 

Purchase The Beautiful Chaos of Growing Up On Amazon here!

With humor and insight, The Beautiful Chaos of Growing Up takes you into the turbulent world of young adulthood.  Capturing the newfound freedoms of college life and the dizzying adventure of the years that immediately follow it, this poetry collection reflects on the ups, downs, and in-betweens of the journey towards independence. In poems that explore the thrills and anxieties of college friendships and graduation, internships and job interviews, first dates and first apartments, lies a warmhearted, powerful examination of what it means to grow up.

What the Reviews Say:

"This book was such a treat to read. The poems really hit the mark for me – it was a heartwarming return to my nostalgic college days, and also reminded me that I wasn't alone in my post-college angst. The author has such a clear, clever, charming voice, and I finished reading the book wanting to frame a lot of these poems and hang them around my apartment."

"The Beautiful Chaos of Growing up is a must read for any young adult. It's the perfect gift for someone entering, in, or having recently graduated from college. The book somehow manages to perfect strike the balance between serious, heartwarming, and hilarity. It's one-of-a-kind and should be on every 20-something's bookshelf!"

A wonderfully funny, clever and touching collection of poems and ideas! The Beautiful Chaos of Growing Up by Ari Satok reflects on the universal challenges, truths and oddities of growing up; telling us our own story in a refreshing and personal voice. A real treat to read and a must share gift for anyone still "growing up" ... and aren't we all?

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